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About Us & Ticket Buying Advice

SeatLive is an Official Ticketing Agency providing first class ticketing and hospitality packages for US and UK Theatre, Rock and Pop, Attractions and many other Events.
Our Parent company was established in 2002 and has been selling Theatre tickets and Corporate Entertainment Packages to many thousands of people over the years. We established in 2008 giving the company a web presence and allowed us to reduce booking and transaction fees and to make the booking experience simpler. Our systems are backed by the latest ticketing system technology allowing a richer content, live availability and pick your own seat capability.
Integrity is at the heart of every booking and the company ethos. We have not only been a full member of the STAR, the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers ( since 2004, but are also committee members, directly influencing Government, Trade bodies and even the Metropolitan Police. We only sell from the Primary Source (Venues, Producers and Promoters) and conform fully to the STAR Code of Practice. You can verify if an agent is a full STAR member by clicking the icon on their website to verify authenticity.
Your Bookings are subject to the STAR guarantees and protection, and we offer additional TicketPlan Protection to cover unforeseen events preventing you from attending the event. STAR only represents Primary Agents, certain Events are illegal to re-sell tickets in the UK and in most cases the Secondary Market (including “Fan to Fan Exchanges” and Ebay) often demand many times higher prices for their tickets and super high Booking Fees. While there are many illegal and “scam” websites in existence, the Secondary Agents are mostly legitimate respectable companies and offer Money Back Guarantees if the tickets don’t show up or are actually counterfeit, but small comfort when you’ve built up your hopes of seeing your favourite Act or Show or have travelled miles only to be turned away. Wikipedia has an article which may help describe Ticket Sales from an impartial perspective (If a bit US centric).
Our website is secured by a super strength 256bit SSL Certificate ensuring that all of your transactions on our website are fully encrypted. Your name, address Credit Card details email address- even the show and date you search for are secured from the outside world so you can shop and browse safely- check-out the Padlock symbol on other ticketing websites to see if they are as secure as us.
Where you can’t find exactly the performance you’re looking for or have a request not showing as available on our system, we have years experience in sourcing tickets for Sold-Out events and Guarantee you won’t pay a penny more in booking fees for our personal service. Ask us first before trying the Secondary Market and risk being ripped off, email us at with your requirements.
We have offices in the West End of London our staff live theatre, so ask us for a recommendation. You can call us on +44 (0)20 7631 5570 or preferably email for information. Our Office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and an out of hours service operates at other times.

Our Offices are at 10-11 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3NH
VAT Number GB 996 5706 55